I think this man has problems with his wife.

Hello  mr Tabutt. I  cannot buy  your Aston Martin  because I cannot transfer the money because my wife don,t let me do that [she says] If you really want an Aston Martin you sell one of the other cars . So very sorry please relist your Aston  I  have a lot of problems with my wife . she said why do you want another car because you already have an Acra NSX and a jaguar XKR 100

Later on...
Hello Doug, I asked my wife why not. ??? Its okay with her but first I have to sel the xkr 100 ,. How long can you save the car for me maybe a few weeks and what will it cost me?
Please let me know because I really want this car.
Best regards 

And then...
Doug, I can not buy the car because I cannot get the money. Wife Blocked the account. And my wife if very angry because she will not sell the Jaguar. So please retract my bid and relist the DB7.
Very sorry Doug but I still love my wife more than the car.
Best regards 

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