I'm Confused

Dear Doug,
                      My name is Adam and i am located in los angeles, California. I have come to hear that you are looking for certain cars, and well i got a list of exotics but i want to know what exactly you are looking for. What colors to what year to what price. Please specify if you can. Some of these are privately owned but most of them are in my warehouse. Also don't worry about transportation i can either have my transporter bring them to you or we can race them thru the desert. Whatever you want we can make happend. Also do you know of any dealer auctions for exotic cars. I am kinda new to the west coast because orginally i am from tennessee. Well let me know something when you can. Thank you

Name: Emma
Email: 907519494@qq.com
Best Time To Call:
Comments: WOW! LOL! Saftey isnt just brakes. Look in a mgazaine and see how the ferrari stops in less distance than the porsche. So that means the brakes are better in the ferrari. But a ferrari is more special because its hand built. The engines in the ferraris are different from each other because they are hand built and the molding for the engines are not used over and over. The materials to make the ferrari is special as well. Airbags, brakes, etc makes a car safe. There are also special educational programs available to understand the difference between a Porsche and a Ferrari. I hope this helps. Thanks & Regards, Emma

With regards to your company am John Freeman and am sending you this mail regards to some Pool Table i want to order from you company , So i will like you to get back to me with the types of animal feeders you have and their prices also i will like to know if you do accept credit card payment. Please Advise.

Hay good morning this is sam p**** im a classic car buyer I got your number from r*** he told me you have a porsche I mite want to sale ?

Hi Sam all of my Porsches can be viewed on my website www.switchcars.com

Ok great give me a littel bit ill get back to u

And the text at midnight...
It seems like a nice car but the price is ? I dont want to waste your time

Hi Sam you're welcome to make an offer - I'm not sure which one exactly you're talking about

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