The Leasing Program

The all time, best ever email exchange:

Thanks for a quick response back. well this is my issue.  I tried to get financing for that car but i cant because my credit sucks due to medical bills because i have a pre existing condition and with you beening a CEO of Total health for life you might know what i mean. and i tried to use one of those online loan help center but that hurt my credit even more because of how many inquaries they put on it, it dropped like 100 hundred points.  So my lawyer gave me an idea.  He told me to see if there was someone who had a exige that would be will to work something out with me and he would do the paperwork to make legal document for whatever they come up with.  Your price is fine.  So i am seeing if we could work something out like a payment plan for the car.  I can easily afford around $1000 a month give or take and say we did that for 55 months or something and if i have more i can through that month i will.  you would make like $55,000 on the car.  If we could work something out, that would be f.... awesome.  I have been trying to get one for the whole summer.  I have had 2 Nissan 350z in the past which i sold and paid off and i have a current loan on a truck which is current.  So i have a good track record with my car loans.  So maybe or hopefully we could work something out.  Please let me know what you think.  Thanks again

My Response:
Thanks for the email – it sounds like a good idea to me. You’re welcome to start sending me $1k/month as payments and you may take delivery of the car once it’s paid for.
Or, I have a new leasing program – 0% financing, no credit app required, zero residual, 100% due at signing.

His Response:
Tell me more about the 0% percentfinancing with no credit check, how does that work. 

....and a few hours later:
How is it financing if you have to pay 100% at signing.. I am kinda lost on that

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