A Salty 993

An (unsolicited) email about a pristine, low mileage Porsche 993 which had never seen winter:

All that salt exposure. Too bad. Does it have rust bubbles? Seems like a lot of money for a tail spin car with an uncomfortable driving experience. No power without a turbo. Got to have a turbo to get out of its way for sure. So much cheap plastic and it smells industrial. No wonder the owner traded it back in. So many other cars for better value and driving experience. Smart people buy these cars, but don't have common sense I suppose. A Buick Lacrosse looks and handles better and it has 4-wheel disk brakes and better air conditioning for 1/5th the investment. The color is OK. Not trying to be critical. Thought maybe I would try one of these one day, but keep reminding myself of the tininess. To expensive to maintain. Oh well. Thanks but no thanks. Good luck.

Anonymous Hate Mail Pt. 1

Here's quite the assortment of hate mail aimed at Switchcars.

You tricked out a classic from a mans driver to a womans touring car and you expect to be paid for the abortion , now thats classic.


Comments: you must be smokin weed

Comments: What idiots - you'll never sell this GT at your inflated price. Make it a boat anchor - d***head.

Name: HaHa NoOneWantsYourGT

Email: yousuck@dumbass.com

Offer Price: $1.59

Comments: your car is worth every penny i offered you, JasonIt is crazy. The bottom has absolutely fallen out of every vehicle...even these!!! Dealers can't give them away. The party is over for you dealers. Years ago the dealer enjoyed being smarter than the public. Now the tables have turned and the game has changed...the buying public is now WAY more sophisticated than you old school dealers. GOOD LUCK with your bricks and mortar investment and upside down business model.